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God's Unpredictable Trustworthiness

by Sharon Chimere-Dan

Dear Daddy,

We were watching Moses, and a few thoughts struck me:

1) How . . . hard must it have been for Moses to go and do what You wanted him to do? He'd already told you that he couldn't speak properly. You made Him go anyway. I wonder if He expected pharaoh to let go after one, or at most, two tries. How shocked and embarrassed must he have felt when pharaoh said no so decidedly. And the Hebrews were probably not very helpful, perhaps calling him false and crazy.

2) What must he, an unnatural leader, have felt like trying to lead the Jews who complained more easily than saying thanks?

3) Biggest of all, what was it like for Him when Jannes and Jambres imitated the signs you performed through him?

4) Now this is the biggest biggest of all: They'd overcome all the obstacles of pharaoh and his hardness, but then they faced the Red Sea with nowhere else to go to. And to top it off, the Egyptian army was near behind them. What was Moses supposed to think? What piercing accusations must the Israelites have said to him?
And yet, at the right moment, in the nick off time, You opened the sea for Your people! Who could have foreseen that? Who could have imagined that You would do such a thing at what seemed like the end?

But You, oh God, are faithful. You will always keep Your word. You have always provided for Your people. You have always provided for me! Why then would I ever remove my trust from You?

Dear Lord, I ask You to help us keep believing You. You are not limited and You are not unwilling. In Luke 12:32, You said:

“Do not fear, little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom."

And if that is Your good pleasure, how much more will You provide us with all we need, spiritually, physically, mentally and every other way.

Thank You Lord King

In Jesus' Name



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