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Friendship Takes Work

by Sharon Chimere-Dan

Dear Daddy,

I'm reading Dark Blue by Melody Carlson and I just read where the youth pastor, Mike, talks about You being a friend. And I realized something: a friendship takes work on both sides.

In our friendship I KNOW that You work and have worked...and will work! You've done a lot more than me (obviously). But I realized that I have to put in more effort. I will, through You. By Your grace and help, I will. Please show me how. Please help me stop being lazy and actually come away with You. Hang. Enjoy. Yet learn.

I want to be comfortable in You and with You, instead of always worrying or being self-conscious. Truly my Lord, I want You as my Best, Best Friend. Please let it be so.

Thank You
In Jesus' Name


Lord Jesus, my Best Friend


Anna said...

The amazing thing is that even in our responses to God, He is the one who is "doing the work," because we are incapable of responding to Him on our own!

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