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Enjoying Being with God

by Sharon Chimere-Dan

Dear Daddy,

There's something I really don't like: I don't always look forward to stuff like my time with You, my time with You and my family and stuff like that. Why is it that way? I don't like it that way and I don't want it to be that way. I want to look forward to being with You and doing spiritual stuff ALL THE TIME. I don't want to find it boring anymore, ever again. Please give me a desire and longing for Your presence as well as a total enjoyment of it. Thank You, in Jesus' name, Amen.


I want to live in peace with people. Like I said once, I don't like debating stuff. I'd rather just...I don't know. I wouldn't like to just pass an issue by though (at least, not always). You know what the strangest thing is? I'm inclined to argue - to the death of the matter! Then I get all wimpy when someone disagrees. Ha! Oh well.


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