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Getting Out Issues

by Sharon Chimere-Dan

Dear Daddy,

I finished Hebrews today. It's nice to read Your word and enjoy it (which I did). Thank You.


You know what? Sometimes I get jealous of the weirdest thing: other Christians expressing the fact that they have joy in You, that they're loved by you and that they're passionate about You. It's because I don't always feel that I have those same things. But what does it matter what I feel? Feelings alone are often such liars! It's a pity that I often want to follow them.

Sometimes, when I don't feel that I display a particular characteristic, even when everyone else around me says I do, I start to deny that I have that characteristic, and so I get all sad and jealous of others who are displaying it. I don't want to live with that kind of denial anymore. It often leads to me dissing myself, sometimes even in an attempt to display humility! But that's not true humility. I read somewhere that humility is seeing good character traits and being able to rejoice in them gladly whether they're in me or in someone else, seeing as it's You that gives them. And anyway, why should I try to "humble" myself by beating myself down? By Your death and resurrection I am "seated together with Christ in the heavenly places". Does that leave room for beating myself down and denying the qualities You gave me for Your glory? Certainly not!

So help me to be truly humble, not jealous and not in denial. In Jesus' name, Amen.

Thank You. I enjoyed this time with You.


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