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Trusting in the Lord

by Sharon Chimere-Dan

Dear Daddy,

I had an yoyo day yesterday; I was up, then I was down. The issue? Believing You whole-heartedly and settledly in everything, not just some things. This seems to crop up from time to time, but I must thank You, for this year You've really dealt with me on it.

So anyway, mom and I talked, which really helped. I grasped the help you gave me from her and so I was able to get better. I was on 77%. But then I came to You to have a heart-to-heart on the whole thing, and I just cried it out. I honestly didn't think I would feel happy after that. Nevertheless I asked You to help me and give me peace. You know what? You did. It's why I'm smiling now, dear Father.

For the rest of the day, and a bit of today, I've been working on this site, especially trying to create image links for people, if they want to link to the site. I just got it! I'm so happy about it! I'm grateful for Your help. I didn't start out asking for it (somehow, I think the belief thing was part of that), but I ended up doing so. Still, You helped me all the way. How great is Your faithfulness Daddy! I know for sure that You will help me in this regard. I Believe It :-D

Finally, I told dad how I got the links right. We rejoiced together, then He told me something interesting. He said

"So you see, sometimes we have to wait for some things to happen. If it doesn't happen immediately, we mustn't get frustrated. We should continue to wait on the Lord and trust Him."

Dear Father, I take that as a word from You. I do need Your help in doing it, especially when it's hard. But You're my strength! You're my ever-present help! Through You, I will overcome. By Your grace, I will conquer.

Be glorified in every area of my life, at all times my Father. Thank You.

In Jesus' Name


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