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Straying Away

by Sharon Chimere-Dan

Dear Daddy

I feel horrible! Terrible! Dry and empty! Why? Because my times with you aren't right anymore. They're rushed, they seem like just a part (or rather, You seem like just a part, instead of the whole) and they feel empty, void of any substance at all. It's because they (You) aren't my main focus. Please forgive me. And please help me out. I keep seeing this problem come up, but I keep falling back into it anyway!

I'm so fed up with it, and I just want it over, destroyed, ended. It's just that things keep seeming to hold more appeal; more fun. They seem more interesting.

I don't want to hurt You. I really don't mean to. You know all this already. Please help me return to simplicity in You. Please help me keep every part of me focused on You - my mind that so often wanders in prayer or Bible reading, my heart which wants to hold other things in higher regard than they ought to be (than You).

Lord, if You don't help me, who will? You're my God, my Rock, my only Source of strength. So help me to stick to You and with You. Help me enjoy You and not hesitate when they say "let us go to the house of the Lord."

Thank You.
In Jesus' Name



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