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Believing God

by Sharon Chimere-Dan

Dear Daddy

There's something stuck in my teeth and it's really irritating. Please let it go away. Thanks, in Jesus' name, amen.


I feel bad. I feel not close to You, like I've done something wrong. I feel kind of like when I'm the new person. I haven't done anything wrong. I just feel partly worried, or something like that.

It's because of believing. Am I doing it right? I read today that I'm supposed to rest in You. You'd take care of all my desires.

I just thought something: Lately, having true faith has been hard. I wonder about the simplest things! I've described the other types of problems with believing before eg. something is far from me, so I can't see the outcome, so my faith is apathetic. And I just thought that with something like praying for my future family, I think I may not always be trusting in You for the answer, but just taking it for granted that it'll turn out alright

Help me to trust You PLEASE.

Thank You.
In Jesus' Name



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